kids making clay construction blocks kids playing on playground
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"Mason has come a long way from not wanting to go to school to asking every day on the weekend when he gets to go again. He runs around the house singing songs that he has learned and displays his projects by taping them to the doors in our house. Thank you for being so impactful and helping him to enjoy his experience in preschool."


Kids love our learning center! The functional architectural design provides beauty, health and safety. There are three separate classrooms. Within these rooms are special interest areas: dramatic play, music area, large motor and block area, science table, library area and reading tower. A separate painting area is used daily by budding artists. Additional play space to enhance physical activity include both indoor and outdoor play yards with great equipment, as well as a gymnasium. The school has the use of two kitchens conveniently located in the building, and the children have private boys' and girls' washrooms adjacent to our classrooms.