We have seen such a remarkable growth in Franny since she first started RPC. She has become more confident. She has become more curious and genuinely interested in all that is going on around her. She loves everything about preschool and we believe that the teachers at RPC have everything to do with that. They are patient and kind and let the kids be kids while still preparing and paving the way for their journey onto kindergarten.

Garrett's sheer enthusiasm to run off to school every day is proof of how much he enjoys Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The teachers' welcoming faces, music, art and playtime have all contributed to Garrett's learning process.

Henry has thrived and really enjoyed his first school experience. The teachers have truly set the stage for a lifetime of loving school and the learning process.

Lola had a rough first few days of preschool. (As did her mom!) I will never forget dropping her off and having her sobbing asking me not to leave her! The teachers were compassionate and encouraging to her and although it was difficult for me to leave her, I knew that she was in the best hands possible. After a few weeks, Lola could not get to preschool fast enough. I attribute all of her confidence to the teachers at RPC. The staff was so calming and nurturing to her that first year. She started coming out of her shell socially and with the help of all of the RPC teachers, Lola has become a super happy, focused and creative little girl!

Mason has come a long way from not wanting to go to school to asking every day on the weekend when he gets to go again. He runs around the house singing songs that he has learned and displays his projects by taping them to the doors in our house. Thank you for being so impactful and helping him to enjoy his experience in preschool.